ETL Computer Lab Reservation- ETMSW 2027

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The ETL Lab is available for reservation by College of Education Faculty and Staff to support the teaching, research and other activities of the college. Students can work with a faculty or staff member to reserve a space for related activities.

  • To make a reservation, please click on the + sign and then follow the instructions in the new window.
  1. ETL is available for reservation during office hours.
  2. Only College of Education Faculty and Staff may reserve a room.  
  3. Users are responsible for turning off lights, and locking the doors upon exiting the room (evening reservation).
  4. Please refrain from eating food and drinks inside the Computer Lab.
  5. Please DO NOT tamper with Lab equipment, such as taking apart, removing wires and/or any other misuse of any equipment.
  6. Ask for help at the support-desk, if you require help or have any concerns.
  7. If you need to reserve a laptop and/or other equipment, please visit ETL during office hours.

On the Road to Literacy (Hosted by CFL)

Event Type
UIC Center for Literacy
Apr 20, 2024   8:30 am   3pm
Dorothy Miaso
Ruby Camacho

CFL is hosting a mini literacy conference (as in past years). The ETL lab room will be used for a literacy session teaching people about technology literacy resources/computer literacy.

No tech support needed. Just a general login and PW to access the desktops.

submitting request on behalf of CFL director Andrea Vaughan


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