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Latent Class Analysis with Outcomes, Including Latent Class Moderation

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Center for Dissemination and Implementation Science
Oct 16, 2020   9:00 am - 12:00 pm  
Bethany Bray, PhD

The goal of this half-day workshop is to help participants gain the theoretical background and applied skills to be able to address interesting research questions focused on predicting outcomes from latent class membership. This workshop will focus on latent class/profile analysis with a distal outcome and latent class moderation (i.e., latent class/profile membership acting as a moderator). An overview of recent literature in this area will be provided, as will clarification about currently recommended approaches from three major research groups working in this area. Note that software will be discussed during this workshop but participants should plan to attend the next workshop, too, if they want detailed information about programming these advanced models. Participants must have working knowledge of basic latent class and latent profile analysis, but access to software is not required for this workshop.


If participants did not attend our previous workshop, "Introduction to Latent Class and Latent Profile Analysis,” a recording is available to view at any time.

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