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Self-Defense Class

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UIC Health Sciences Campus
E120 and Glenn Netto Health and Wellness Center
Jan 22, 2020   5:00 pm  
Carrie Hermanson

This free four-hour course (2-hour classroom setting and 2-hour gym setting) is designed to introduce adult women (18 years old and older) to the strategies, tactics, and techniques needed to win a confrontation against an attacker. This course focuses on building the student’s confidence in her ability to defend herself, and in encouraging a defiant and aggressive attitude toward an attacker. This class is a one-day course.

We are going to learn ALL the facets of self-defense, not just the physical fighting.

  1. Understand the mindset of predators.
  2. Situational awareness.
  3. De-escalation.
  4. Mindset of physical fighting. Physical techniques.

At the end of the four-hour self-defense course, the student will achieve:

  1. Increased awareness of general violence prevention skills.
  2. Increased confidence in her ability to fight back successfully against an attacker.
  3. Established mindset of “no one has the right to put their hands on me.”
  4. Strategies and tactics that can be used to potentially prevent an attack.
  5. Basic techniques that she can use to defend herself physically and to win a fight in a dangerous or potentially lethal situation.

Students are encouraged to arrive 10 to 15 min early, wear comfortable clothing (preferably active wear), bring snacks (if your facility allows it during the classroom portion), water, and possess an ID. The students must sign two liability forms, which includes but not limited to, requirement to carry personal health insurance as a condition of their participation in the course. 

There are a limited number of spaces available, so sign-up early.

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