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Employee Awards Nominations Due

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Office of Human Resources
Sep 17, 2021   All Day
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Nominators should submit the Nomination Form Cover Sheet and a letter outlining the nominee’s particular qualification for an award based on the following suggested criteria categories:  Attitude, Commitment, Leadership, Job Performance, and Team Work.  These are only suggestions, not mandatory requirements; however, your nomination letter will be a major source of information for the committee’s consideration.  Please do not use the nominee’s name, job title, or department in your narrative.  Nominations are due to the Director of Human Resources by September 17, 2021.

Nominators are allowed to submit one nomination for the Distinguished Staff award and one nomination for the Team Award.  The dean will choose the recipient of the Dean’s Award from the pool of recipients of the Distinguished Staff Award.  Each person who nominates an employee or team for an award will be put into a drawing for a $25 gift card.  Self-nominations for the Distinguished Staff award will not be accepted.  However, nominators may nominate a team of which they are a member. 

Distinguished Staff and Dean’s Award Nominee Eligibility: 

Any civil service or academic professional employee with a minimum of two years of service as of August 15, 2021, and who is not eligible for faculty awards will be eligible for the Distinguished Staff Award.  Only civil service employees with a minimum of two years of service as of August 15, 2021 will be eligible for the Dean’s Award.   Employees who have received either award in the past two years will not be eligible for nomination. 

Team Award Nominee Eligibility:

Team nominations are for a group (up to 10 individuals) of UICOM-Rockford employees (civil service, academic professional, or faculty) who normally work together in a designated office/department/clinic.  A “team” may also be comprised of a group of employees who are assigned a special project and when the project or goals are accomplished, the group is disbanded.  Only one team award will be given. 

Selection Committee and Process:

The selection committee will consist of two civil service employees from the Campus Update Meeting group, the previous year’s recipient of the Dean’s Staff Award, one recipient of the Distinguished Staff Award, and one Academic Professional.  The Director of Human Resources will receive nominations and serve as an advisor to both the committee and Dean.  Human Resources will indicate which nominations are eligible for the awards.  The committee will select recipients of one team award and up to five Distinguished Staff awards.  From the recipients of the Distinguished Staff Award who are civil service employees, the dean will choose one recipient to receive the Dean’s Award.  Members of the selection committee are ineligible to nominate.

Recipient Recognition and Award:

During the Employee Recognition week, award recipients will be announced.  Recipients will receive an engraved remembrance and recipients of the Distinguished Staff Award will receive $250 each, and the recipient of the Dean’s Staff Award will receive $500.  Each member receiving the Team Award will receive a certificate and a $50 gift card.

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