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Primary Care Update

Event Type
OSF Healthcare
OSF Glen Park, Peoria
Feb 26, 2020   7:00 - 8:30 am  
Diana Brown

A CME Council has been assembled comprised of both MDs and APPs from various primary care specialties to choose relevant primary care topics to be presented by specialists. The committee will meet quarterly in person and regularly via email/conference call. Emphasis will be on topics relevant to all primary care specialties and speakers will represent different specialties each month Primary care providers will also be given the opportunity to request topics they would like addressed on each evaluation given at the end of the session. At each monthly meeting there will be simultaneous speakers at both the west side and east side meetings. Speakers will alternate months. For example, Dr. Patel will be speaking at the west side meeting in June and at the east side meeting in July. Dr. Rhee will be speaking at the east side meeting in June and the west side meeting in July. Participants will only attend meetings in their own region, therefore only attending each lecture once, and only receiving 0.5 CME credit once per topic

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